3 Questions to Ask Your Dental Ads Guy

Feb 5, 2020 | Dental

Need a New Web Guy?

Hey, we realize everyone and their dog claims to be a marketing expert. However, we’d put our skills up against any guru (or dog) out there.

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How do you get new patients in the door? Well, theres lots of ways! Obviously the best way will always be via referrals from ENT’s, primary care physicians, and other medical professionals. However, that’s a hard ball to get rolling, especially if you’re new to the area. What about flyers? Well, to be honest, flyers are a hit and miss. While they’re lows cost, they’re also low return. So what’s something you can do now to start getting new patients?

Welcome to 2020! An era where online advertising is at the forefront of marketing strategies. When it comes to online advertising. there are a lot of companies all clamoring to get your business. So who do you choose? Or, if you already have a company, how do you know they’re the right fit?

It’s critically important that you choose a company that understands your goals and can help you achieve them in the quickest way possible without cutting corners. To help you make the best decision, here’s a list of 3 questions you should ask your dental ads guy.

Do You Work With Other Dentists?

One simple way to figure out if they’re going to be a good fit is by asking o=about their other clients. Do they work with other dentists? Are they Orthodontists or General Practice?

Your main goal in asking about their other clients is to find out if they’ve worked with someone in a similar situation to you. If they have, they should be better equipped to replicate the results, without having to go through the headaches of entering a new field of advertising.

What Tracking Methods do You Have in place?

One big problem when working with dentists is that the goal of the marketing agency is totally different that what they’re used to. Most marketing agencies sell products online; shoes, hand-bags, iPhone cases, etc. which makes tracking and reporting very simple. Joe clicked our ad, and Joe bought a pair of shoes. Easy peasy.

Switch over to the dental side of things. The goal of the marketer isn’t to sell a product, but to get a living human being to show up at your office. This becomes significantly harder to achieve as well as to track.

Knowing the challenge, ask your online advertising guy what tracking methods they have in place. How will they know that John Smith who came in for a cleaning came from the google ads campaign? How will they work with your front office to make sure people are being contacted and scheduled? These are questions that if you don’t already know the answers too, you could be using the wrong ads guy.

How Long Does it Take to See Results?

When it comes to leads, typically between 20-30 leads a month is expected, depending on your ad spend and advertising platform. However, LEADS AREN”T RESULTS! Leads are just leads. Patients in your chair, that’s a result! So, how long does it take to see results? That really depends on your practice and how long it takes to get a patient scheduled. It also depends on how quality the leads your ads guy is sending you are. If all of the leads are low quality and only 1 in 50 leads is coming into the office, that’s not great, and there’s work to be done.

So, the short answer would be (for most practices), 1-2 months before you start seeing patients in the office.

So, What Now?

Give your online advertising guy a call! Ask them these questions and see how they respond. If they seem like a good fit, give it a try! If your’re interested in working with us, give us a call! We’re currently working with lots of dentist in multiple different fields and getting great results.


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