Case Study: Local HVAC

A brand new HVAC company in Boise wants to get online exposure in order to jumpstart their business and be set up for massive future growth.

The Goal: Low-Hanging Fruit

This company was created very recently, so it was important to the owners to get their name out there and get some quick traffic to their site.

We wanted to do the most important things FIRST in order to justify their expense on SEO.


The owner approached Morningdove Marketing as they were launching the business and asked what they could do to make sure people could find them online. SEO is, of course, one of the greatest predictors of long-term online exposure, so we got to work building a site that they could be proud of. First off, we employed some Local SEO strategies in order to get their name in all the relevant directories. Then we created a 3 and 6 month plan in order to set them up for long-term success.

The Strategy

One nice thing about starting from square one is the fact that we had complete control over the site and the strategy. It often takes a while to correct the mistakes of the previous SEO company that someone has worked with. In this case, we were able to set up local relevance, internal linking, and landing pages just the way we wanted.

  • Set up “skeleton pages”.
  • Onsite Optimization.
  • Created internal linking strategy.
  • Got listed with local directories.

Proven Results

Though this is a brand new site, we’ve already seen hundreds of visits, from which 89% are from locals. An SEO company can get traffic to any site, but if all of it were spam or were from Russia or Thailand it wouldn’t help build the business at all. We take pride in the fact that we’re not just doing SEO for a site, we’re building businesses.


Organic Traffic

New Site

Target Keywords


Local Traffic

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