Case Study: Pest Control

A family-owned company came to Morningdove Marketing to increase their online presence so they could capitalize on their market.

The Goal: More Leads and Sales

This is the goal for all businesses, right? However, there are few companies that have the capital to provide an adequate marketing budget.

We had a lot of different pest control marketing ideas, but the client specifically wanted to drive local traffic to the site that were in a position to purchase their services and become long-term customers, so we focused on that.


We got to work building a brand new site that would showcase exactly who they are and what they have to offer, along with some interesting value propositions that they bring to the table. Building landing pages, writing content, and building links were the main priority.

The Strategy

Knowing that this company is wanting to expand and become a major player in the industry, we needed a site that was set up to grow and become such. The landing pages needed clear calls to action and a great template that can be modified for different services and locations.

  • Built out locations + service pages
  • Created new, relevant blog post weekly
  • Interlinked posts and “siloed” location + service pages
  • Built relevant links:
    • Branded links to homepage
    • Relevant links to posts
    • Location + service based links to landing pages

Proven Results

In one year, we have gotten thousands of visits from organic search, and hundreds of sales attributed through call tracking software. There are now over 40 blog posts that get organic traffic as well as through social sharing. This client will most likely recieve more than double this in the coming summer.


+Organic Traffic


+ Conversion Rate

Major Ranking Keywords


Organic Traffic

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