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My Job is to Help your Company make Money through Quality Online Marketing.

Imagine if you had a steady stream of customers ready to buy your product or service. The financial security that comes along with it is one of the most compelling reasons to go into business in the first place.

When your doors first opened, it was all heart, tons of work, and just enough cash to continue grinding away. I know that feeling well. Your dreams hinged upon every new customer, and every time they rejected your company, it was personal. There may have even been times when you considered shutting your doors forever.

Personally, I got into this business because I got a headache from all the eye-rolling I did while working in the SEO field. For a service that is so essential for business, there was sure a lot of BS to wade through, complete with gurus, spammers, and big agencies that got small results for clients.

I wanted to create a company that cut through all the jargon and scams, spoke in plain english, and was completely responsive to clients in order to perform a simple service and make them real money.

My Approach is Different

My approach is different because it is simple. When you work with Daniel Christensen, you get the “why” behind everything that is done on your site. There’s no secret sauce, and if you hear of one, RUN away from whoever is talking. It is all a matter of staying up to date, doing the manual work, and mixing a little creativity in the pot.

My path to internet marketing was a crooked one. In fact, it started from pest control, of all places. I sold pest control services door to door for three summers while I was completing my college degree.

Let me tell you, it was rough.

It was hot, I was sweaty, and the people were… not always happy to see me. I saw bouts of greatness on the doors, like in my first week when I ended a day with 7 sales (I made over $1000). Or the day when I sold 11 accounts. That was also a good day.

But those days were few and far between.

It was tough to keep going after hours of no sales. In fact, I really struggled to work the entire day when I wasn’t getting sales. Have you ever experienced this?

I started to think something was wrong with me.

My third summer, when I should have been at the peak of my game, I may have only worked a handful of days the whole summer without taking long breaks. I still have many friends in the industry, but I knew it wasn’t for me.

I needed to find a career that I was good at and could be passionate about. I needed to find something that I could spend hours and hours at without tiring. I needed that feeling.

After taking an internet marketing class my senior year of college, I started to build websites and test out things that I learned. I spent literally hundreds of hours of my spare time doing this– it became a passion, an obsession, and quickly, a way of life.

There was one day, in fact, when my wife had to beg me to get off the computer– after 10 hours of websites and SEO– on a Saturday! And it wasn’t even my job!

I knew I had stumbled into what I was looking for. I found a career that I could excel at and not grow weary all the time like in direct sales.

Now I Help you with YOUR Passion, while doing Mine.

Most businesses struggle with their online strategy. Generally speaking, it’s still the Wild West of advertising, with the newest shiny object to chase after and very little regulation involved.

I decided to simplify it, putting my focus on SEO, and eventually offering PPC and Facebook ads. I have knowledge and experience in other areas as well, but as a Chinese proverb reminds me, “if you chase after two rabbits, both will escape.”

I created a business that is transparent and extremely responsive to questions and concerns. If you text, call, or email me, you’ll hear back from me every time.

So tell me, what does your business need help with?

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