About Us

We’ve worked in the dental field and understand the business. Now we do marketing for it. We understand what your patients, referring physicians, (and search engines) are looking for in a website, in an advertisment, and in you.

Meet the Leadership Team

Meet Jake Spencer

The first job I ever had was when I was just 13 years old. My job was to pour up stone models of peoples teeth in the basment of my fathers dental office. From there, I eventually learned how to make sleep appliances like the EMA and the Dorsal Fin. I also worked up front for a time — filing charts, checking in patients, and taking phone calls as needed. Fast forward 3 years and I found myself yet again working at a dental office, though this time I worked as a clinician. It was my job to see new patients, fit appliances, and assist the doctor in procedures.

I, like my twin brother Josh, originally started in the marketing field by doing facebook advertisements for my Father, Dr. Jamison Spencer. However, after about 4 months of doing Facebook ads, Josh and I realized we were missing out on the biggest marketing platform know to man… GOOGLE!

Since then, I have taken it upon myself to learn everything I can about Google Ads and all of the associated google tools and platforms (including Google Analytics, Tag Manager, and Data Studio). Eventually Google marketing became my passion and I left the dental world to become a full time marketer. I now specialize in doing Google ads for dentists, combining my knowledge of the dental world with online marketing stratagies.

Meet Spencer Teuscher

Similar to Jake and Josh, my first job was in Dr. Jamison Spencer’s dental lab. I learned how to fabricate oral appliances for sleep apnea and TMJ patients in Dr. Spencer’s practice and many other dental practices around the country. After 3 years in the lab, I spent a year chair-side with Dr. Spencer, seeing patients on a daily basis.

After leaving the clinic and after some schooling, I decided to join Morningdove Marketing. Being able to help grow our clients’ businesses and practices has become a passion for me. My experience in dentistry and marketing makes for a potent combination for our dental clients.

Meet Dan Christensen

I took a class on Search Engine Optimization in college almost a decade ago, and I’ve been fascinated with it ever since. I began building my own sites and testing immediately, even before I ever had a job in the field. Out of school I worked for a big agency and ultimately started Morningdove Marketing in 2016. My specialties include: Local Maps SEO, Onsite Optimization, Conversion Rate Optimization / Design, and Copywriting.

I personally oversee every SEO campaign at Morningdove and will make sure yours is a smashing success.

Meet Josh Spencer

I started doing facebook advertisements in 2017 for Jamison Spencer’s “Spencer Study Club”. Since then I’ve worked alongside Dr. Spencer developing his marketing campaigns and helping to grow his business. You’ve likely seen me around at the AADSM meetings or any number of other conferences.

In October of 2018 I started working chairside at The Center for Sleep Apnea and TMJ in Taylorsville Utah, though I’ve been in the dental world since I was a kid. Working inside the practice next to patients helped me learn very quickly what they want, as well as what their frustrations are. With that information I was able to create a campaign tailored to their office. The results of the campaign were so incredible that we had to shut it down for a time because our front office couldn’t keep up! Not a bad problem to have huh?

Our Experience is Your Secret Weapon

Three of the four members of our leadership team have worked chair side with world-class dentists. We’ve seen firsthand what separates a mediocre practice from a great one.