Dental Ads

We’ve worked in the industry and now do marketing for it. We understand what your customers (and search engines) are looking for in a website.

Your Practice can Grow Faster

You’re a medical professional, not a marketing professional. We’ve created a system specifically for dentists that gets the right eyeballs on your business. The more people interact with your website, the more customers you can expect.

Experience in Dental

We use the most current technology, including proprietary software, to create an online “marketing machine” that cranks out business like it’s 1999. Your only directive is to provide an excellent experience for your customers.


Dentistry is simple, take care of people’s teeth. But marketing it can be a headache. That’s where we come in.

We have a full-fledged Dental ads system that has resulted in massive results for companies around the country.

PPC [Adwords]

Direct response marketing works. It’s a quick way to show relevant results to interested searchers.

Social Media

We know how your customer work, and where they frequent. Your Social Media needs to be on point.

Facebook Ads

If you’re not using facebook to get customers, you’re missing out on one of the biggest growth opportunities.

Web Design

We focus on CONVERSION above everything else. We have tested and tried ways to make your site a money machine.


What Results Can I Expect?

We understand you’re sick of people saying this, but it depends. For example, an established company with a mature website may achieve results faster than a startup, though long-term they may perform the same.

Your success also depends on what budget you have to invest. It’s sad to say, but we simply cannot get someone the results they’ll be happy with for under $500 per month.

We’re very upfront with our pricing and what you get for each package. We’re excited to speak with you over the phone and dive into the potential for your practice.

What do You Charge?

The scale of the project will dictate how much you’ll pay. We have clients paying nearly $10,000 per month and smaller companies paying a few hundred per month in ad spend. We will look at your market and your growth strategy and recommend the package that will fit best.

How Quick Will I See Results?

Direct ads start working immediately, but of course we need to continually test different keywords to hone in on what gets you the most for your dollar.

Do You have a Contract?

Our work should speak for itself. If you’re not happy, you shouldn’t be forced to stick around for an arbitrary amount of time. No Contracts!

How Do You Report?

We’ll send you a detailed report each month with all the pertinent information in it, analytics, etc, though we can’t disclose our proprietary methods.