If you’re a business owner, SEO is one thing you can’t ignore. Even businesses that don’t heavily rely on organic traffic to their sites need to tread carefully when it comes to making search engines happy. Here are a few things you should know when hiring an SEO expert for consulting.

How do you know they an SEO Expert?

The word “expert” has been thrown around in the SEO industry for a while now, and most will tell you that it doesn’t mean a thing. Most self-proclaimed experts are really just hobbyists that don’t actually have SEO results under their belts. You can check out their websites and make sure they look professional, but even that doesn’t always mean they’re up to the task. Next, look at their case studies and ask them specifics on the strategy they used to obtain those results. If they don’t sound confident, they may have just “borrowed” the results from someone else – this isn’t the type of SEO consultant you want, or need.


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What Tactics are they Using?

In SEO, there are what are known as “white hat” SEO’s, which follow Google’s guidelines pretty close, and those who are “black hat” SEO’s, which intentionally manipulate search engines’ algorithms in order to get results for their clients. Most SEO companies are somewhere in the middle, though if your goal is long-term, I’d stay closer to the white hat side, which we completely perform and endorse. Depending on the business you are in, this could be a critical piece of information to find out.

Morningdove SEO Consulting

Here’s what you should know about us: We’re real. We’re not in the business of hype, it’s all about reality. Our numbers are always conservative so that when you work with us, your expectations will be in line with the results we attain for you.

Next, we believe in transparency. We don’t use tricks and hidden schemes to pump up the numbers so that you’re artificially happy (oh it happens, believe us).

Last of all, we affirm that the results speak for themselves. We’ve been through the era of complete manipulation to the penalty-ridden SEO atmosphere that we’re going through now. We’ve never experienced a penalty, and we probably never will, thanks to the scrupulous time we’ve spent researching and implementing our processes.