12 Pest Control Marketing Strategies From Experts

Feb 24, 2020 | Pest Control Marketing

Need a New Web Guy?

Hey, we realize everyone and their dog claims to be a marketing expert. However, we’d put our skills up against any guru (or dog) out there.

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Once upon a time, 100% of pest control marketing was done without the use of the internet, or computers at all, for that matter. Things have changed! Chris Lendzion of Lemonade Stand asserts, “The most progressive pest control companies decided to jump in the game… and start competing online. All of this meant that online marketing was going to become an important part of their overall marketing strategy and customer acquisition.”

Clearly, the way customers come to contact pest control companies has evolved dramatically. It’s now up to pest control operators to embrace technology and marketing that helps them compete in the 21st century.

We’ve compiled some tips from pest control marketing experts that can help you stand out from the crowd and get more pest control customers.

Build a Quality Website

When someone comes to your site, you may only have a few seconds to impress a potential customer. Blue Corona says “…not only do first impressions matter on the job, but they also matter online. Your website is often the first interaction people have with your business, and they will judge your company based on how your site looks.”

One way to do this is ensure that your visuals are on point. “Make sure visitors understand the value of your services by creating a concise video commercial. Video is really effective with today’s rushed consumers, many of whom respond better to visual content.” – Marketing360

According to WebFX, a pest control company should “describe precautionary measures homeowners can take, or steps to take after an infestation has been identified. All of this content establishes your business as an industry-leading authority, and gives potential customers a reason to do business with you over your competitors.”

Reviews Matter

Greg Summy of RevLocal puts a heavy emphasis on reputation management. “Reviews are becoming more and more relevant in the eyes of search engines like Google and business listing algorithms. And, just like personal recommendations, the most recent and positive reviews make a larger difference.”

Some smaller pest businesses are getting new customers from this as one of their top methods. Not only does it grant legitimacy to potential customers, but it can actually signal to Google that your business is worth showcasing on Google Maps to more people in a larger geographical area.

Include Calls to Action

High Level Thinkers asserts that “Not everyone is ready to schedule an inspection the first time they visit your site, but you can put them into a sales funnel by leveraging calls to action and special offers on your website.”

“To ensure your business is primed for those leads, be sure you have a solid web destination that’s responsive, has a clear value proposition and equally clear calls to action (CTAs) — CTAs that drive prospective clients to email or call for an appointment. More and more pest control brands are even leaning on content marketing strategies like blog posts and social media outlets designed to deliver valuable information and position their companies as the go-to experts — think how-tos to avoid pest problems, homemade repellents and other key content that educates and informs.” Cobblestone Media Group


Online marketing is an incredible opportunity, but don’t forget all of the ways you can promote your business without ever being on a computer.

“You can head to [related businesses] in your localized areas where your Pest Control Business operates and ask them about partnership with them to promote your service to their customers in exchange with commission”, says Town Hustle. “This is likely to work the best way so far, as it is the one where there is completely a win-win situation. The companies with whom you’re getting partnered will get their commission and you get leads.”

Getting to know other business owners is also a great way to boost your SEO through backlinks, one strategy that Nifty Marketing uses. “Link building can help your organic and map rankings. More importantly, local links bring local people to your website.”

Networking can boost your pest control sales, especially upon starting your business. GetJobber.com mentions “Make sure you always carry business cards with you. They are an inexpensive and professional way to leave an impression and keep your business top of mind. There are many online services that will design, print, and deliver business cards for you at an affordable price.”

Build Out Content

Just because you have a website, doesn’t mean that it will just automatically bring in local relevant traffic. You need to have content for every service you offer so that when people type in certain keywords, your site shows up in search results.

Lyn Askin of Best Pest Marketing says that “a typical pest control [site] has between 3 and 5 pages. The problem with this approach is that there are hundreds of pest control keywords that your potential clients are typing into the search engines. We’ve found that it is only possible to optimize a single page for 2 or 3 keywords. So this is NOT enough content on your website to find yourself on the first page of google for all of the possible combinations of your keywords and your service areas.”

After building out content, it’s also imperative to boost your seo through backlinks. There are many different ways to do this, check out our other blog posts on this to learn more!

Make Your Service Impeccable

Confidence is key when working with customers, says Hal Coleman. “Your customers look at YOU as the expert. They trust you to be honest and have their best interest at heart. They will take their cues and commands from you based on that trust. So…the next time you see something that could be a problem, such as evidence of rodent activity or conditions conducive to some type of infestation…don’t ask your customer if they would like for you to check it out.  Instead…TELL THEM what you are going to do.”

In the end, you can have an amazing customer acquisition strategy, buy if you can’t back up your promises with a solid service, it’s all for naught.


This list isn’t meant to be exhaustive in any way, but we hope it gives you a few ideas to implement in your own company. If you’re wondering how we recommend going about growing your pest control company by leaps and bounds, jump on a free strategy call with us. We’re passionate about helping business owners, even if they aren’t clients yet. We’ve been helping pest control companies since 2013 and have seen one-man pest control companies grow into regional powerhouses. Call today to find out how.

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