15 New Customers Per Week From Online Marketing

A company based in Missouri needed a new website, a new marketing plan, and some customers – fast!



It’s pretty difficult to get sales online without a website. We got to work on WordPress, with search engines AND users in mind – with just a bit of humor on the side. We needed a way to put them on the map and fulfill their aggressive goals.



We started by optimizing all the content and focusing on long-tail keywords for service areas with search volume but relatively low competition. This brought in enough leads to pay for the marketing and increased the site authority enough to start playing with the established companies in the area.


The first full summer brought in over 3,000 sites visitors (74% being new sessions), resulting in about 3 sales per week. The next summer brought in almost that many PER DAY, making close to 20x ROI for the company.


Organic Traffic Growth

Average Sales per Week


+ Google Business Traffic

“Working with Morningdove has taken all the pressure off of generating leads; it leaves us time to focus on our customers and providing the best service around. We get a report each month with more details that we’d ever want or need, it’s nice to know they’re always pushing forward.”

Grant C.

Six Brothers Pest Control