Impressions up to 5,830 Within 35 Days.

The owner of NBK Pest Control was frustrated with a site that didn’t accurately represent him. As a one-man band, first impressions are a matter of great importance. After all, he has kids to feed!



Small businesses have a hard time getting noticed, and this applies online as well. NBK was getting a couple thousand impressions each month and wanted to improve.



We looked into the geographical trends in his search area and identified cities and towns that we could target out of the gate. We built landing pages, did onsite optimization, and created backlinks to those pages in order to make sure his site came up for relevant, local searches.


NBK got a good looking site, along with exposure in six different cities within his service area. He is well on his way to increasing his regional footprint and becoming the next pest control powerhouse in the area.

Brand New Site

Terms in Position One


Increased Impressions

A New Site and some Traffic to go with it.

Brad A. | NBK Pest Control