Lead Attribution – The Easy Way to Great Data

Feb 24, 2020 | Pest Control Marketing

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Hey, we realize everyone and their dog claims to be a marketing expert. However, we’d put our skills up against any guru (or dog) out there.

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Business owners stay up at night for a variety of reasons: hiring, firing, profit margins, one too many tacos 🌮🌮, you get the picture.

But one of those reasons shouldn’t be because you’re not sure where your customers are coming from.

A little context first…

What is Lead Attribution?

When we say lead attribution, we mean that you’re able to accurately identify where and how each potential customer came to contact you. In pest control, there are a few main ways:

  • referral from family/neighbor/friend
  • saw truck
  • advertising – billboard/flyer
  • google or other search engine
  • online business directory
  • pay per click online advertising
  • social media

Once you can correctly identify how you got each customer, you can make a plan to adjust your marketing or double down on what’s already working.

First Things First- ASK

Whether it’s you yourself on the phone or office staff, each call should include the words, “how did you find us today”? Most people know the drill and are happy to tell you. This is a great start, but unless you’re meticulously recording that data, it only helps anecdotally.

Simple Call-Tracking

In order to make data-driven decisions, you need to have good data. We recommend that each pest control company has call-tracking software that can give you loads of information on the source of the call. With our current and past SEO clients, we make sure that any time a visitor comes to the site from a search engine, call-tracking software is activated. It works by dynamically swapping in a new number on your site, which the customer calls. It forwards to the business’ real number, but simply records the source of the interaction.

Once you have all this data aggregated each month, you can glean all kinds of good info from it and create a plan that will lead to more calls and more sales.

The best part?

It’s not that expensive. In fact, give us a call today and we can get call-tracking set up for you on your WordPress site for $20/month per number.

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