Whether you’re a business owner, have a website, or are just curious, you may have seen the term SEO online, and wondered, “what does an SEO company do?” Being an SEO company here in Boise, Morningdove Marketing will walk you through exactly what an SEO company does and how it makes money and delivers results for their clients.

SEO Companies Work with Search Engines

As you probably know, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is simply the process of making your site better (optimizing) so that it’s Search Engine friendly, therefore pulling it up high for searchers for given keywords.

This may sound confusing, but it really isn’t.

Search Engines, principally Google, Bing, and Yahoo, want to show the very best result for any given search. They have gotten very good at deciphering exactly what certain phrases mean and the intent thereof. For example, there are searches where the intent is obvious. If someone types in “buy dyson vaccuum”, it immediately brings up opportunities to buy it online.


This is as it should be.

However, if we change the search only slightly, it appears with very different results.


We get it, we get it, Google knows what words mean, but how exactly does this help people and businesses?

Let’s say you own a pest control business and want to get more customers (100% of pest control businesses). How can knowing about search engines help you achieve this?

SEO Companies Research Keywords

It’s simple, really. With some pretty intense SEO software, we can actually see approximately how many people are searching for pest control services in a given area.

If you’re operating in Dallas, Texas, you can know a great deal about what your website should target if you’re looking to get traffic to it.


We can see the difficulty of ranking for this keyword, how many searches per month, and even a list of suggestions for keywords to target. If you have a brand new site, you may want to go for keywords that have a low keyword difficulty, then as you grow, go for the “big boys”.

Any SEO company worth its salt will have quality software like this that can help with keyword research.

Once they get done with researching the terms, they go about making sure your site is locally relevant, industry relevant, and that you have brand authority.

SEO Companies Get Your Business Exposure Online

Local Businesses need to get into all relevant directories in which people would look for services like yours. It’s only common sense, but it takes some technical know-how, and it takes TIME – something that most business owners have little of.

They will build content on your site, create link strategies (both internal and external), and make sure that the technical SEO elements are in place.

Within 6 months, you should see the needle move on your campaign. Certain keywords will start ranking and bringing you business, and at that time you can move on to other keywords, while still strengthening your brand and site authority.

This isn’t meant to be an exhaustive post, though hopefully it answers your question about what an SEO company does.

Morningdove Marketing works with businesses of all kinds to make sure that their keywords are ranking in search engines, but even more important than that, we make sure that their business grows.